Here’s how this lion-killing dentist thing is going to play out

Oh man, is this piece by Jason O. Gilbert excellent: a showcase of the speculation technique I try to get my students to use. The piece uses a technique that is so pointed and can be used for humor or understatement but is always used for bad-ass-ery. Yes, please, and thank you, Mr. Gilbert.


Look, I know it seems pretty wide open right now, but this lion-killing dentist thing is sailing along just as it’s supposed to:

The killer of the lion was revealed. The social media accounts of the Minnesota dentist who killed the lion in Africa have been mined for information. His Yelp listing has been defamed, his Facebook page has been deleted, his website has been attacked. Some terrible things he did in the past have surfaced.  Many clever tweets have been fired off. Basically everyone has agreed that this was a terrible thing to do.

Now the fun stuff starts. The backlash to the backlash begins. Benghazi will be invoked. A right-wing radio host with an active following will start a GoFundMe page; it will raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in a few hours. Everyone will act surprised. Barack Obama’s birth certificate will be invoked. The Minnesota…

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